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Super ministry will help landlords: Heatley

Housing Minister Phil Heatley says landlords should notice an improvement in the tenancy resolution services offered now that the Department of Building and Housing has been absorbed into the new super ministry.

By Susan Edmunds

The merger of the Ministries of Economic Development and Science and Innovation with the departments of Labour and Building and Housing happened at the beginning of this month, forming the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

The move is designed to save money, align small agencies and speed up decision-making.

Heatley said landlords should notice an improvement in dispute resolution services. “But that is not strictly just due to the new ministry, rather it's a combination of things such as an increase in court hours and other changes that were in train before the merger.”

A Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment building and housing spokesman said the building and housing group within the Ministry would incorporate the Department's residential tenancy dispute resolution services and administration of the Tenancy Tribunal. 

He said: "We expect that it will be 'business as usual' for our clients and these services, which includes our programme of continuously improving the delivery of these services to our clients."

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