Marlborough Property Investors' Association

The Marlborough Property Investors' Association was established in 2003 to support Landlords and promote better Landlord/Tenant relations.

 Whether you own one property or 100 - residential, commercial or industrial - we are there for you

 Additional benefits of joining our association are:

  • Regular meetings with guest speakers to keep you informed on property values, taxation, government policies and by-laws as well as property maintenance advice.
  • Regular newsletters are issued to keep members in touch with what is happening locally and in other areas Members can provide ideas on what they achieve in rents and how they get the best return from their property 
  •  A comprehensive discount scheme is offered by various businesses to members including discounts on maintenance products - paint, wallpaper, furnishings, appliances, floor coverings, insurance and numerous others 
  •  We make representations to Government and local bodies regarding legislation, regulations and by-laws
  • See our membership page for further details about how to join our growing association.

Important features of the Marlborough Region

Who has heard of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc?

But wait! There's more! Underpinning the Marlborough economy are strongly performing mussel Industry, agriculture and further horticulture ventures.

Tourism facilities have expanded and having a deep water port in Shakespeare Bay has enabled an increasing amount of cruise boats to visit the area. We are also fortunate to have the Woodbourne airforce base here. In addition to this the climate (and billed in the top three places of New Zealand for sunshine hours) attract people who are able to enjoy our relaxed lifestyle. A culmination of all these factors have led a strong, stable, economy and a growth in residential activity with several areas being released for subdivision.

"Marlborough is hot with an expanding property market and is one of New Zealand's hidden gems" says Marlborough Property Investors association's Mariette Knudsen. She further adds,

" Prices are very strong, the rental market is strong and Marlborough is a very good place to rent. It is still small enough for you to know what is going on, both as a renter and as a landlord."

The Marlborough Property Investors' Association caters for both residential and commercial investors. It has well attended monthly meetings covering a range of topics pertinent to the very new to the seasoned investor. The MPIA is fortunate to have good support locally and nationally from professionals in the community who are willing to share their expertise at these monthly events. Exchanging ideas and making long lasting friendships are a feature of this organisation.

The development of the wine industry has put Marlborough on the World Stage and it is a credit to the viticulture industry here. The Economy of the Marlborough area, however, has many aspects to it which provide a strong foundation enabling the investor to by with confidence secure in the knowledge that this gem will continue to shine brightly in the future.

Yvonne Grant-Martens

President of the Marlborough Property Investors' Association