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Leaky homes assistance available

From today the owners of leaky homes will be able to seek repair funding from the Government's leaky homes Financial Assistance Package.

"Now that all parties have agreed to the financial assistance package we will see more leaky homes fixed rather than homeowners spending thousands of dollars in costly litigation," said Building and Construction Minister Maurice Williamson.

Under the package, qualifying homeowners will receive a 25% contribution from the Government and may receive 25% from their local council, with the contributions based on actual repair costs.

However, homes over 10 years old remain ineligible for the assistance.

Qualifying claimants will also need to demonstrate they can pay their share of the repair cost and those signing up to the deal must forgo the right to sue councils and the Government.

"I'm proud that this Government has been able to deliver owners of leaky homes a positive, alternative way of getting their home fixed so they can move on with their lives," Williamson said.

Leaky homeowners who want to know if they qualify for the assistance package can visit the Department of building and Housing website at