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April '09 Issue

Cash flow positive regions; we reveal 35 places you can find cash!

After years of property returning negative cash flow, some regions are back in the black. We find out the top suburbs throughout the country where you can find cash.

Tenants are getting savvy when it comes to quality rentals, and good heating and ventilation is top of the list. We discuss why a healthy home means a happy tenant.

We also have an IRD tax crackdown feature; law changes are on the way and IRD are cracking down on property investors. Find out how these changes may affect you.

In the final part of our beginner series, Investing 101, we investigate exit strategies. Planning your exit is just as important as the strategies you use to build your portfolio.

Property investing is a team sport. Michael Yardney explains how collective knowledge is the most powerful tool an investor can use.
We spend a day with an interior designer and find out how the little things can add value to your property.

We also profile Tina Chan, a 24 year old millionaire who started down the DIY investment path about a year ago, while still a full-time student with two part-time jobs.