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Law change proposed to address 'P' house problem

National MP Andrew Bayly is proposing changes in the law to address the problem with methamphetamine-contaminated houses.

Mr Bayly, the MP for Hunua, will introduce a members’ bill that would give landlords more power to test and remedy their rental properties of dangerous levels of contamination.

“The number of residential properties owned or offered for sale, which are later discovered to be contaminated by methamphetamine, or P, is increasing,” says Mr Bayly.

“This damages Kiwi families and puts the health and wellbeing of tenants in serious jeopardy, with children and old people particularly susceptible to the effects of P. It’s vital we look after New Zealand’s most vulnerable tenants and ensure all renters are living in healthy, safe properties.”

“This is a balanced bill that places obligation on the landlord to provide rental accommodation free of P-contamination, while giving them more power to confront the problem in their properties.”

The proposed changes specifically enable landlords to enter premises with appropriate notice for the purposes of testing for P and other dangerous substances. They also reinforce that tenants can be removed when a house is uninhabitable, and ensures contaminated houses aren’t tenanted.

“This prevents landlords from knowingly renting P-contaminated properties and requires them to inform tenants as soon as practicable of the results of a P test that show dangerous levels of contamination,” says Mr Bayly.

The Government has convened a working group tasked with clarifying what levels of contamination are dangerous, agreeing on an appropriate testing methodology for P-contaminated properties, and considering remediation processes. This is part of Prime Minister John Key’s announcement last December of 13 initiatives to combat methamphetamine problems in New Zealand. This law change will complement the development of these new standards.

“I have secured the support of the National Government Caucus for this Bill and will be seeking wider support from other parties. I have also consulted with the New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation, the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand and the Auckland District Law Society who all agree law changes in this area are needed.”

Media contact: Andrew Bayly 021 766100


Authorised by Andrew Bayly, MP for Hunua, 7 Wesley Street, Pukekohe

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