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Property investors meet in Wellington this month

Representatives of the 20 Property Investors’ Associations (PIAs) affiliated to the NZ Property Investors’ Federation (NZPIF) will gather in Wellington at the Airport Conference Centre on 29 March.  They will attend the first of two national Communications Meetings to be held during 2015.

PIAs are located throughout New Zealand.  For investors who live in geographically diverse areas, these national meetings are very important opportunities for networking and for the sharing of information.  It is also a time when the NZPIF can update representatives.  The NZPIF was registered as an incorporated society in 1989 and has been representing property investors in the national political and investment industry arenas ever since.  As currently there are a number of “hot” housing topics which affect investors, they need regular information about the advocacy and presentation of their views which is being undertaken in national forums.

The March agenda also features small group discussions about what is going well and the challenges 2015 is bringing.  There will be a session on membership growth, a presentation by Peter Wilding from the NZ Fire Service and the introduction of a new national business partner, Infracomfort NZ.

Videos will be made of all the sessions and these will be distributed to all PIAs following the meeting.  Notes and checklists generated by some sessions will also be distributed.


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