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Fix mortgage rates now - Tower

Inflation is the "Gorilla in the room" increasingly making its presence felt, and as interest rates rise, now is the time to fix your mortgage rate, according to Tower Investments CEO Sam Stubbs.

"We made a big call on mortgage rates here. Fix mortgage rates in the long term because inflation is coming," he said.

Speaking at the company's quarterly media briefing Stubbs said, "We actually think for mortgage holders now people should be taking fixed term rate mortgages because ultimately if interest rates go up, as expensive as they look right now and as attractive as floating rates look now, the severity of these rate rises and the speed with which they would come on would potentially make five-year plus fixed mortgage rates look quite attractive right now."

He said Tower believed that while Governments and Central Banks had kept interest rates low to promote growth and jobs, debt pressures would soon have to be tackled by rising inflation.

"We think the majority of the western nations are going to chose to inflate their way out of debt problems, and that's going to be bad news for fixed interest investors and very good news for people who own houses with mortgages."

"Inflation is the homeowner's best long term friend," he said.

Also in what is potentially good news for Auckland landlords Stubbs highlighted the fact that new home building work is falling short of the city's population growth.

"Auckland's population grows by a net 16,000 every year just from immigration, regardless of the natural growth from population, 16,000 immigrants in Auckland, that's 80% of immigrants in New Zealand. That means you have to have new dwellings to house these people and the actual supply of housing in Auckland is tight, because we see it in the rental market, there's not a lot of evidence of a lot of building going on," Stubbs said.

"Look around you, where are the cranes? They're not there."