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Concerns for ageing home owners

More needs to be done to address the growing concerns of an ageing group of home owners who will likely dominate the market in years to come, according to the Centre for Housing Research.

By Paul McBeth

Work undertaken by the Centre for Research, Evaluation and Social Assessment, Public Policy and Research and Motu Economy Public Policy and Research found more investigation into the challenges facing the nation's ageing society is needed. It recommended a programme be initiated to identify the demands older home owners will require.

The report said any future research needs to focus on housing, health and welfare interface, the relationship between older people's housing needs and supply and demand for housing, ensuring new housing meets higher health standards than the current ones, improving the country's existing housing, and enabling older people to interact more easily with communities.

The policy group was commissioned to help improve the country's "ability to plan for and respond to changing housing demands for holder people over the next 40 years".

It is estimated that by 2050 more than 800,000 householders will be headed by people aged 65 years or older and about 325,000 of these people will not have a driver's license and be reliant on public transport.