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Looking for a straight swap.


Royce Brazier is among the first to list a property on the new house trading website - but he's not new to trading property.

The Blenheim resident wants to swap a $900,000 rental property in Manly, 30 minutes north of Auckland.

The 57-year-old, low-key developer has already traded several properties through Century 21 over the past two years, including an apartment in College Hill, Auckland, and four sections in Highbrook, Hamilton.

The Manly property, on Layton Rd, which boasts four bedrooms, two flats and views to Tindalls Bay, was an original trade for land and a cash sum earlier this year.

But Brazier has decided to get hold of a bit more cash for another project.

He's proposing to trade down from this property to a smaller home "anywhere in the country" and a cash difference.

He said trading was easy and he liked not having to wait to sell before buying something else.

"If you've got two people and you've both got what each other is looking for, then it's clean and all done at the same time," he said.

He recommended people not be afraid of trading. It was just a matter of finding a good real estate agent, like Suzy Sheppard and Doug Coward, who were not afraid to "look outside the square" and get good trades.