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Housing NZ sues drug ring

TVNZ  Click on this link to see video of news item in which Andrew King comments on behalf of all private landlords.


Housing New Zealand is suing a drug ring after one of its homes had to be demolished because it was contaminated by the chemicals the group used to make methamphetamine with.

Ten people have been convicted of charges relating to the manufacture of methamphetamine at the Napier state house.

It had to be flattened in 2005 due to being contaminated by the chemicals used to make the illegal drug.

There is a big new Housing New Zealand property on the section now, but the total site clean-up bill $185,000.

The Tenancy Tribunal ordered the old tenant to pay damages but that doesn't come close to covering costs, or account for the meth makers who weren't signed up tenants.

Housing New Zealand is taking a test case, suing the drug ring for damages.

They say they will not tolerate unlawful activities in state homes, where illegal activity occurs and damage is done. They say they are determined to recover the costs of damage from those responsible.

Housing New Zealand is warning anyone else cooking up more than they should in state houses, that they can expect the same hard line.

The ground breaking case starts in the Napier District court on Monday.