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Mexican stand off in housing market

A Mexican stand-off between house buyers and sellers continues, according to some interpretations of the latest real estate prices.
13-06-2008 more >>

Flurry of rates

After months of little movement in home loan rates there has recently been a flurry of conflicting movements, making it a difficult time for people wanting to refinance or take out a new loan.
06-06-2008 more >>

House prices may fall 13 per cent - Bollard

While mortgage interest rates may be coming down soon, house prices are also heading south, says Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard.
05-06-2008 more >>

Global house prices suffer severe slump

From Dublin to Tokyo, house prices have slumped in the past year as the credit crunch has restricted lending and stunted growth in the biggest economies, new figures have shown.
03-06-2008 more >>

Softer tone expected from Reserve Bank

Dene McKenzie reports that the Reserve Bank is expected to adopt a softer tone in its monetary policy statement on Thursday in recognition the economic outlook has deteriorated sharply.
03-06-2008 more >>

June '08 Issue

We talk to inspirational property investor, Laurence Pope. This young man is fast becoming world famous in Paeroa for his redevelopment of a run-down street, locally known as ‘Harlem’. At just 24 years of age, Pope has big plans for his 16 ex-state houses.
01-06-2008 more >>

Greater protection for tenants under new RTA bill

The Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) amendment bill introduced to Parliament yesterday will give greater protection to vulnerable tenants and help both landlords and tenants to understand and enforce their respective rights.
30-05-2008 more >>

Will new bill correct anti-landlord bias?

Landlords seek tenancy legislation which is balanced and commonsense law, Martin Evan, President of the NZPIF said today.
30-05-2008 more >>


The Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill and the Unit Titles Amendment Bill have both been introduced into Parliament (29 May).
30-05-2008 more >>

Property stacks up on risk and return

The property market's spectacular run of capital growth is over for now and yields have been squashed by high prices and interest rates - but to many investors the local share market is a less-than-alluring alternative
25-05-2008 more >>

Floating up, fixing down

Green ink continues to spread across Good Returns' mortgage listings as non bank lenders join the mainstream banks in cutting the cost of fixed rate funds over the one to three year terms.
23-05-2008 more >>

NZPIF President's May report

This month Martin Evans is re-elected as President of NZPIF for a further term. The fifth ANZ Property Investment Survey findings are released and NZPIF is involved in exploring future needs for social housing.
22-05-2008 more >>

House slump. Don't blame the messenger

BNZ Chief Economist, Tony Alexander, is defending the media against real estate industry accusations that it is to blame for the housing market slump
21-05-2008 more >>

The Good News Road Show is steaming ahead

There is a definite synergy about the title of this year's NZPIF Conference Steaming ahead and the message speaker, Dean Letfus, will be delivering in his workshop and keynote presentation
16-05-2008 more >>

OCR cut of 50 points forecast

If you are in the market for a mortgage you should be able to obtain a fixed rate deal that is significantly cheaper than what you would have paid a week or two ago.
16-05-2008 more >>

Boom time for renters

Potential homebuyers are choosing to remain long-term renters - freeing up thier savings for less volatile investments.
11-05-2008 more >>

Two steps forward, one step back

This is probably a fitting description for progress in the mortgage market at present.
09-05-2008 more >>

Property investment yields down but optimism remains, says ANZ survey

Property investors are becoming more circumspect, although they continue to expect strong returns from housing in the medium-term, figures from the fifth annual ANZ Property Investors Survey show.
07-05-2008 more >>

More falls in store for housing market

Economists are warning that the housing market is becoming over supplied, which will place more pressure on falling house prices.
05-05-2008 more >>

Top tips on becoming a landlord

No matter what the trepidation in the property market, Kiwi investors are still more fond of property than any other instrument to salt away the nest egg. But becoming a property investor generally means becoming a landlord. What do you need to know? [NZ Herald]
03-05-2008 more >>

Hope at last

Finally there is a glimmer of hope for borrowers that home loan rates will start falling. This glimmer has been intensified by a little competitive pressure.
02-05-2008 more >>

May '08 Issue

  • The Great Tax Crackdown
  • New strategy from Minister: Start collecting 'shells'
  • House prices are up, but sales volumes are down, confusing even the professionals
    01-05-2008 more >>
  • Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill - Soon

    Under considerable pressure from the media and others concerning the condition of some boarding houses and the referral of Housing NZ “clients” to them, the Minister of Housing Maryan Street (11 April) said the Government would revive a new version of a Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill, which was originally introduced by former Housing Minister Mark Gosche in 2001.
    30-04-2008 more >>

    Oz lures kiwi property investors

    With little prospect of capital growth during the next 2 years, the local property market is losing its lustre for all but the canny, cashed-up bargain hunter, and the spot light has swtiched to Australia
    28-04-2008 more >>

    Parent says Tasman and United doing OK

    Lombard says that although its finance company has collapsed its mortgage businesses, Tasman and United, continue to to trade at acceptable levels in a very tough market.
    24-04-2008 more >>

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