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Auckland home sales pick up with Spring

The number of homes sold in Auckland rose last month, reflecting a pickup in demand with the start of Spring. The average price fell, possibly reflecting the global credit crisis, according to real estate firm Barfoot & Thompson.
06-10-2008 more >>

Kiwis free to take up DIY tools

Kiwi DIY culture is set to flourish after the Government announced on 30 September relaxed building standards, but some builders are concerned about faulty construction from amateurs.
03-10-2008 more >>

Coming to grips with Building and Construction portfolio

Shane Jones says that coming to grips with the Building and Construction portfolio has been a bit like running straight off the bench into a rugby scrum...crouch, touch, and engage!
03-10-2008 more >>

Building code red tape cut

Landlords can look forward to some changes to the Building Code that come into effect on October 16, designed to make the building process less complicated for minor work.
03-10-2008 more >>

Beginning of the end for fixed rates?

Is it the beginning of the end for the fixed rate mortgage so beloved of New Zealand home owners?
02-10-2008 more >>

October '08 Issue

  • 10 Rental Safe Havens
  • Election '08: housing policies
  • Day in the life of a Mortgage Broker
    01-10-2008 more >>
  • Update on legislation of interest to property investors

    The election date is November 8 and the Real Estate Agents Bill comes into effect around November 2009. Other bills stay on the table until after the election.
    30-09-2008 more >>

    Building approvals fall to 22-year low

    New Zealand home-building approvals fell to a 22-year low last month, reflecting an economy that may not climb out of recession until the final quarter of the year.
    30-09-2008 more >>

    Looking for a straight swap.

    Royce Brazier is among the first to list a property in the new house trading website - but he' not new to trading properties.
    29-09-2008 more >>

    Hot property specials on Generation Homes member only section

    Specials from Generation Homes can now be accessed through a member only section of Have a look now!
    25-09-2008 more >>

    Hot property specials on new NZPIF member only section

    Specials from Generation Homes can now be accessed through a member only section of Have a look now.
    25-09-2008 more >>

    Hot property specials on new NZPIF member only section

    Specials from Generation Homes can now be accessed through a member only section of Have a look now.
    25-09-2008 more >>

    President's September report

    In Martin's absence, Andrew King writes about the Housing NZ 'P' case, tenant damage in Christchurch, importance of regular inspections and of checking the details of the cover your insurance policy provides you.
    23-09-2008 more >>

    Housing NZ sues drug ring

    Housing NZ is suing a drug ring after one of its homes had to be demolished because it was contaminated by the chemicals the group used to make methamphetamine with.
    22-09-2008 more >>

    Keep fixing short and sweet

    Now that interest rates have started along their downward path the recommended borrowing strategy is to go short. By short we are talking six months or one year.
    19-09-2008 more >>

    Keep mortgage terms short, says bank

    Following last week's half a percentage point cut to official interest rates, the ANZ is advising mortgage borrowers to keep their borrowing at relatively short terms.
    18-09-2008 more >>

    House affordability improves on back of house price, interest rate falls

    Housing affordability improved by a record amount in August to its best level since January last year after house prices fell sharply and fixed mortgage rates fell below 9 per cent.
    16-09-2008 more >>

    Reap cash rewards with home renovations

    For homeowners holding off selling in the current climate of falling property values, it is time to maintain and increase their equity in preparation for the next market upturn
    15-09-2008 more >>

    NZPIF welcomes District Court decision ordering rehearing of HNZ case

    Vice President Andrew King says it is essential that landlords have the ability to protect the neighbours of their tenants.
    14-09-2008 more >>

    Bollard cuts rates more than expected

    Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard surprised the market with a bigger-than-expected interest rate cut, citing a marked slowdown in household spending and a deteriorating global economy.
    12-09-2008 more >>

    National commits to cutting building red tape

    National will cut back on the excessive red tape in the building industry and instead drive quality by encouraging warranties, better standards and improved skills, says National’s Building and Construction spokesman, Nick Smith.
    11-09-2008 more >>

    ASB joins in - three banks cut rates in wake of shock Bollard move

    Three banks have now moved to cut mortgage rates, after Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard this morning surprised the market with an aggressive 0.5 per cent cut in the official cash rate.
    11-09-2008 more >>

    Government sitting on $5.7 m in unclaimed rent bonds

    Landlords and tenants have left $5.7 million in unclaimed bonds with a Government department
    09-09-2008 more >>

    QV residential highlights

    Quotable Value's August residential statistics are out now. Check out what is happening in your area
    08-09-2008 more >>

    Real estate reforms include $100,000 compo for rip-offs

    Sweeping new real estate reforms were passed by Parliament last night, bringing in a consumer-friendly era for house buyers and sellers.
    06-09-2008 more >>

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