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Property investors urged to diversify

Investors in the listed property sector can expect falling returns and are being advised to diversify for tougher times
20-11-2008 more >>

Focus is now on what the new Government will do

In their November Property Focus, ANZ economists say the Reserve Bank is New Zealand is now branishing some larger calibre weaponry to restore economic sentiment and market stability. They expect the newly elected government to do their utmost to stamp their mark on things too.
20-11-2008 more >>

Mortgage rates on their way down - Kiwibank joins in

Mortgage rates are on the way down today, with two banks - Westpac and Kiwibank, cutting rates in anticipation of another Official Cash Rate cut
20-11-2008 more >>

Flat-fee property management has come to NZ

AcQuire Property has launched Residential Management, a full property management service, that is offering to manage properties at a flat rate of $899 a year.
19-11-2008 more >>

National broom to sweep into housing

The new Government appears likely to keep real estate agent laws introduced by the previous regime but is aiming to make big changes to other poperty rules
17-11-2008 more >>

House prices start to bounce back

House prices in Auckland and nationally are up and agents say a rosier picture of the market is finally beginning to emerge
14-11-2008 more >>

New govt brightens outlook for property market

Real estate agency leaders are feeling positive about the future under the National-led Government.
14-11-2008 more >>

Manage rent arrears through good tenant relationships

Tenancy Tribunal applications have increased by 16% over recent months with most of these cases relating to rent arrears.
12-11-2008 more >>

Property prices dip 6.8 per cent in year

Residential property prices fell 1 per cent in October, taking the annual decline to 6.8 percent, according to QV Valuations
10-11-2008 more >>

Building new homes may not be the answer

Although the Salvation Army has identified a shortage of 2,500 homes in Auckland, the number of available rental properties is now 5,500 (1,600 increase since May) and there are 18,000 houses for sale.
05-11-2008 more >>

Mortgage rates coming down, but there's risks in fixing too long

Mortgage rates are coming down, say ASB economists, making it risky to fix an interest rate for too long.
05-11-2008 more >>

Bargains can lure buyers into leaky home morass

House and appartment buyers are unwittingly stumbling into the leaky building disaster, tempted by cheap properties with serious hidden defects.
04-11-2008 more >>

Summer tips for smart landlords

Sadly, the arrival of summer also means an increase in work for the Tenancy Tribunal when landlords and tenants face additional costs, and many New Zealanders move house
03-11-2008 more >>

November '08 Issue

  • Landlord of the Year - Andrea and Andrew Elliot
  • What’s best – a trust or an LAQC?
  • a day in the life of a property finder
    01-11-2008 more >>

    PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS The 48th Parliament was formally dissolved on 6 October and Parliamentarians are currently on the campaign trail.
    31-10-2008 more >>

    Record, sign and seal to sort out tenancy problems

    When landlords and tenants agree on a solution to a problem, the agreement should be recorded in writing and both should sign it.
    30-10-2008 more >>

    President's AGM Report

    Martin Evans reviewed the last year for members at the AGM held on October 24 in Rotorua. This, he said, has been a year of change during which the NZ Property Investors' Federation has shown leadership.
    29-10-2008 more >>

    Insulating old homes joins list of economy-boosting ideas

    Prime MInister Helen Clark has added the retrofitting of insulation into old homes to the list of projects the government is considering fast-tracking to boost the economy, saying it could help plug up job shortages for unskilled workers in the short term.
    23-10-2008 more >>

    Bollard axes rates - 1 percent

    The Reserve Bank has slashed official interest rates an unprecendented 1 percentage point to 6.5 points, opening the way for cuts to mortgage rates but also highlighting the grim outlook facing the global economy
    23-10-2008 more >>

    Rate falls and flat prices nudge house market towards buyers

    Falling interest rates and flat house prices pushed house affordability to a two-year high in September, a survey shows.
    17-10-2008 more >>

    Govt-owned sections for lower-income earners

    Labour has announced lans to open up areas of public land in pricey areas such as Auckland so modest income earners can build their own homes.
    16-10-2008 more >>

    Mortgage rates tipped to stay high

    The Reserve Bank of NZ is tipped to cut the official cash rate this month, but mortgage holders and first home buyers are warned not to expect lower interest rates yet.
    14-10-2008 more >>

    Bollard: we don't need a rate cut yet

    The Reserve Bank won't make an early cut to its interest rate, bu tis taking action to ease movement of money in the financial system
    10-10-2008 more >>

    The pressure is on for a BIG interest cut

    In a shock-and-awe move, the Reserve Bank of Australia has cut its official cash rate by a full percentage point, putting pressure on its New Zealand counterpart to follow suit.
    08-10-2008 more >>

    House prices 'to keep falling until March'.

    House prices are expected to hit bottom in March, and could fall to as much as 25 per cent down on boom levels, according to Treasury's pre-election report.
    07-10-2008 more >>

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